• Hey there! My name is Reesha and I am an Entrepreneur + a Marketing Expert.

    Let me explain...

    My Story

    • I grew up in Upstate New York. 
    • I am a twin from a family of four; all Pisces. 
    • I grew up in a blended home split by Irish and Puerto Rican traditions. 
    • Graduated from Saint John Fisher University in 2014 as a First Generation college graduate in my family. 

    I want to

    Embody love and compassion towards everyone and everything.

    Support education initiatives for media literacy.

    Break down barriers to create honest communication.

    Travel the world.

    Leave a positive impact on my community.

    My full bio

    Reesha is a marketing and corporate branding expert with skills in mass media, branding and end-to-end marketing strategies. She is a visionary with the ability to bring to life any industry with her expertise in traditional and progressive marketing tactics. She’s managed marketing departments of all sizes, including companies with asset portfolios exceeding $3.5 billion, and she’s developed marketing material for clients working in a wide range of industries, including land development, multifamily, commercial real estate, refurbished technology hardware, start-up fashion, and beauty industry.


    Reesha’s passion for marketing blossomed during her sophomore year in college when she began her own recycled denim clothing line and online shop called “ReconstructedbySha Apparel”. The venture afforded her a trip to the United Kingdom where she was introduced to Mass Media Marketing, and the idea of specific platforms appealing to the mass population versus niche trends and siloes of communication that was designed by the BBC.


    The experience opened the door for a position as an Assistant to the Director of Civic Community Engagement at Saint John Fisher College. Through the role, she was introduced to the process of college course development and she was able to impart change by proposing and delivering a media literacy course for students which introduced both the positive and negative implications of developing an online presence and interacting with others online.


    Reesha became the first person in her family to graduate college when she earned her undergraduate degree from St. John Fisher College in 2014 as a member of the First-Generation Scholarship Program. She received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Media Communications and Digital Culture & Technologies and is a Certified Search Engine Optimization Expert.


    As a marketing professional, Reesha’s goal is to develop and share the story of a brand in an honest light which targets audiences through gorilla and traditional marketing and advertising methods. She aims to educate business owners on the power of instituting a unique consistent and easily identified brand to drive recognition in their community.


    Reesha is qualified in Google Analytics, SEO, CRM, SharePoint, Constant Contact, WordPress, Meta, LinkedIn, Instagram, Glassdoor, Indeed.


    In her personal time, Reesha is involved with several nonprofit organizations and leads fundraising initiatives designed to give back to the Tampa Bay community.

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